Some Excerpts From Our Newsletter

PAT FRASER Performer in the Doric


I became a Fraser in October 1970 when I was married. We moved to Edinburgh and lived there for 8 years, followed by 11 years in Aberdeen and have spent the last 18 years in Aberlour. We were blessed with a son and a daughter and now have 3 grandchildren It was not till we came to Aberlour that I even dreamt of ‘treading the boards' so to speak and it was all because of a chance comment to a customer in the shop where I worked. I'd been to see a local drama production and said how much I enjoyed it - next thing I knew I was taking part.

I was also invited to join a choir, which I really enjoyed as well. Our choir had an annual concert raising monies for local charities and we were all invited to do a ‘party piece'. Being too terrified to sing on my own our choir lady said to do one of my speeches from a play - well that sounded daft to me - so I gave her Ian Middleton's ‘Better a Grin nor a greet' book of poems and asked her to choose one and I would do that.

The rest is history so to speak one poem is not enough so I learnt another and another and so on till I now have a repertoire of 30 +. It opened doors for me I didn't know existed, and soon I was being invited to all sorts of ‘do's' and joined a concert party. The Prof from Moray Firth radio kept asking why don't you make a recording - who me? My Mum was coming up to 80 - now what do you give your Mum that is unique for her 80 birthday - you've got it a CD called Hudin it Gyan. The reason for the title - Ian Middleton always signed his book ‘Hud the Doric Gyan' (Keep the Doric going)
With much secrecy and sneaking around I went to Acorn Audio in Findhorn and with the help and patience of Ian McIvor a CD was produced. The surprise it gave Mum was worth it - she has always supported me and been there for me. My husband, who is the true Fraser, gets involved in taking me to various venues and waits patiently in the wings. I am bringing out a second CD ‘Gyan Again'at the beginning of November, it will be launched at the Marie Curie Cancer Care Concert in Inverurie on 2 November, part of the proceeds go to them as Mrs Middleton requested.

A wee taster

The tatties ma faither gew were nae great dale
An nae muckle ees for the show
The mannie neest door, a great gairdenin rival,
At the chance o a dig wisna slow
A gie peer crappie for sic a gweed eer
Ye'd maybe be better wi floo'ers.
Thers' nithin adee wi ma tatties said faither
They were groun ti fit my moo nae yours!