Don Fraser was a member of ours who, sadly, died a while ago and the Society greatly misses the contribution he made. Don’s particular skill and interest was genealogy, and he helped many people solve problems, and climb over the proverbial “brick wall” when their researches seemed unable to go any further. We’ve never been able to replace him and we hope this page is fitting testimonial to the work he did, the encouragement he gave and the interest he had in genealogy. With this page we hope to give our members some help in their researches by pointing them in the direction of some excellent sources of help and information and expand their interest in genealogy, which we feel is so important to this Clan Society.
G B Fraser, Editor
Members of a Clan are in a unique position in the world, with their right to wear Crest Badges.
Don Fraser
There is a huge amount of misunderstanding about badges, crests etc and even well known stores, museums, private and government run, both local and national, perpetuate the confusion, by selling items, bearing crests and arms, whose legal sale is quite debateable. To try and make it simple, a Crest Badge is a strap and buckle encircling the Chief’s Crest, with his motto on it. Please have a look at our two Crest Badges on this page and feel proud you’re a member of Clan Fraser.
For more detailed information on Crest Badges and Flags, go to the article on Lady Saltoun’s website (see Links page
The Heraldry Society of Scotland was founded in 1977 with the objective of promoting the study of heraldry and encouraging its correct use in Scotland and Overseas. The Society encourages people to join whether they have their own arms, intend to procure arms, or have a general interest in Scottish Heraldry.
Our membership is made up of people from around the globe with many meeting regularly in the Society's very active Community Forum.
Meetings are held several times during the year for lectures or visits to places of historic and heraldic interest, both in Scotland and in other countries.
The Society is privileged to number many of Her Majesty's Officers of Arms among its members and a close liaison is maintained with The Court of the Lord Lyon. Many thanks to the HSS for allowing us to use this material.
The Highland Council Archive is responsible for locating, preserving and making accessible documents and other records relating to the history of the Highlands. Within Inverness Library there is a reference room dedicated to Family History Research.  Here, the extensive collections of materials, which can be of assistance to anyone carrying out family history research, are available. Ancestry Research Centres are also located in the Council’s Area registration offices. For more information see The Highland Council’s website at: